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Shanghai Biennale Art Work “Our Labyrinth” Dancers Recruitment

Shanghai Biennale Art Work “Our Labyrinth” Dancers Recruitment

Dear Dancers,

We’d like to invite you to help us complete a unique performance-based art project at Shanghai Biennale by anwering our recruitment.


Shanghai Biennale, founded in 1996, is the earliest and most influential international art biennale in China, as well as one of the most important Biennales in Asia.The 11th Shanghai Biennale will be on view through November 11, 2016 to March 12, 2017


Title: Our Labyrinth by Lee Mingwei

Media: participatory installations

Elements: rice, costumes, and dance performance

The project was inspired by a visit to Myanmar, by the gesture of removing one’s shoes before entering any temple, pagoda or mosque, and by the pristine space created for visitors by volunteers who constantly swept the sacred grounds. When artists invite audience to visit the exhibition, they will be asked to take off their shoes to feel the sacredness with their bare feet. Upon on view the art,Our Labyrinth involves a dancer sweeping a mound of rice along a labyrinthine path; dancers may be hindered, but they will continue their performances in a silent and self-aware state. Our Labyrinth serves as a gift to visitors by the dancer and offers the visitors a purified space to explore the museum.


Performances will be held at PSA, the Thematic exhibition venue of Shanghai Biennale. Performances are scheduled for one dancer to performe 3 hours on a daily base.

Dancers will be selected by the artist Lee Mingwei and his team. The formal rehearsal and performance schedule will be in lateOctober. The schedule will be flexible based on the dancers’ own schedule.


The recruitings will take place on September. 1stand September. 2nd in 3F Theater at PSA.

Enrollment deadline: August. 20th, 2016

How to participate: please send you CV, with the title  “Shanghai Biennale Dancers Recruitment”

Reminders: selected dancers will be provided allowance.

Each dancer will have 5 minutes for recruitment individually. The recruitment panel will include staff of Shanghai Biennale and Lee Mingwei studio.

Rice,a broom and a sarong will be prepared at recruitment for each dancer. You may improvise accordingly.

We are open to a range of performers- past performers have included dancers, a yoga teacher, tai-chi masters, etc.. You may also prepare a dance piece of your own choosing to showcase.

Power Station of Art

June 6, 2016